Building materials distribution is in an industry where customers can max-out credit lines or credit management patience with, and then switch their business to another. That, combined with a heavy churn of very small businesses, in this highly volatile, fast changing industry presents particular challenge. Credit2B keeps on top of this by monitoring the trade payments of tens of thousands of building material buyers, as well as daily monitoring public filings, liens, and judgment .

For new customers, Credit2B ECOS™ is the solution that both credit and sales managers have been waiting for. Eliminating all the time-consuming and repetitive phone calls, emails, faxes, ECOS™ takes all the friction out of doing business, saving 90% of the labor and speeding approvals by 90%.

Regardless of the size of the business and number of customers, Credit2B’s powerful dashboard enables you to monitor your entire business credit exposures in just a few minutes a day. Plus, with Credit2B’s massive payments database and benchmark tools, you can determine where you need to focus your credit and collection activities.