ECOS – Enterprise Customer Onboarding System


80% faster “sale to shipment” with 90% less labor, with order approval in just hours.

Simply put, we zeroed-out all the time, frustration, hassle and work to get from “sale to shipment” with our revolutionary, fully automated Enterprise Customer and Credit Onboarding System – Credit2B ECOS™.

  1. The Sales Rep finds a new customer.
  2. The Customer. The customer gets a link and fills out the automated online application, e-signs it, including any contracts,  business terms, and resale tax certificates, and clicks “submit”. The customer can enter or upload financials, which are then scored and incorporated into the reports.
  3. The ECOS Process. Using AI and robotic processes, ECOS verifies the business, history and public filings, automates bank and trade references, financial metrics, a credit bureau report, risk and payment ratings, and recommendation.
  4. The Credit Decision. A digital Credit File is in your inbox awaiting a credit decision. With configurable workflow, the Summary and File can be routed to other decision makers, for approval or other handling. An optional analyst opinion is always available.
  5. The Work Flow. Work flows are automated  and manage the entire customer credit lifecycle, including account information, reviews and documentation updates (resale certificates, financials, etc.).
  6. Digital Benefits. Not only are all credit-related documents, reports and financials stored (and monitored for updating) in your online customer file,  but also the customer contracts, tax certificates, etc.

ECOS™ eliminates all the emails, faxes, telephone tag, paper, backlogs, follow-ups, and delays. Because of our proprietary methods, we are achieving otherwise unachievable reference compliance from the banks and trade creditors.

The ECOS™ Dashboard tracks all applications and monitors the customers for changes, and will update the customer information annually at your request.

Integrated Features Summary

ECOS™ workflow manages the customer on-boarding process from the point of sale to a credit decision and subsequent reviews.

  1. Your own brand, and better customer service
  2. 80% faster sale-to-first-shipment cycle
  3. Eliminate 90% of manual input and errors
  4. Integrate workflow with credit policy and customer data
  5. Management dashboard for tracking all new customers
  6. Verified bank and trade references
  7. Capture private company financials automatically and score
  8. Get customer e-signatures on the application, contracts, guarantees
  9.  Tax resale certificates maintained and updated
  10. ECOS delivers a complete Credit2b credit file, with e-credit application, credit report, references, decision support.
  11.  At your option, the files, certificates and documents are periodically updated so your records are always current.