Credit Manager

Credit2B is a complete, one-stop platform for management of trade credit, where you have access to all of your sources including trade competitor interchange and references, best-in-class credit reporting, scoring, analytics all driven with superior workflow so nothing is overlooked.

Credit2B ECOS™ eliminates all the time, hassle and routine work of processing new and existing customer credit decisions so that you can focus on monitoring key customers and risks, and making the strategic decisions that keep your cash flow moving.

Our services are now global, covering all countries with reporting accessible online with one Credit2B contract, on our Credit2B platform. Both standard and specially researched credit reports are available in all countries, and standard reporting is available on-demand, on-line. We cover 35 million businesses in North America, and many millions more overseas. All services, whether domestic or international, are covered on your Credit2B Dashboard, so you have just one place to go to do all your business.