Credit2B Announces Sales Tax Exemption Certificate Management

The Credit2B platform now includes the ability to acquire, store and monitor Sales Tax Exemption Certificate renewals.

When new customers are on-boarded using the Credit2B Snap™ Credit Application, their resale certificates, along with any other required agreements and documents are uploaded as part of the digital Credit2B Credit File. These will automatically be filed in a Sales Tax sub folder for access and archival purposes, ready when you have the inevitable state audits. Registration numbers, expiration dates all in one easy to sort table and downloadable to Excel or Google format.

The system will automatically track certificate expiration dates and will remind and follow-up with the customer for an updated document, with workflow built in so none are overlooked. To simplify audits, you can filter all documents by state and customer and print out all the actual forms all in one convenient place. Additionally, you can simply upload the certificate directly if the customer simply faxes you a copy for your records outside of the credit application process.

  1. Sales Tax Exemption Certificates are uploaded to Credit2B by the customer (or any user). We also provide a service to convert your existing paper files to digital.
  2. We index them by customer,  date, expiration and state and stores them with the customer credit file for convenient online access.
  3. We automatically remind and follow-up with the customers for updates upon expiration, so you are always in compliance.

We automate the sales tax exemption process for you, saving countless hours of paper trail work, and simplifies compliance audits in the process. One digital folder, with all the documents you need, fully automated. Tax automation is one more feature of Credit2B to make your life easier.