BIC – Sports

“You no longer need to contact references. The information is already there. And if you wanted to you could send an email to everyone in your network and if there is something to share about the customer in question they can respond directly!”

Whitney Tully
Director of Operations, BIC Sport North America

Credit2B is connecting us to all the other creditors who sell to the customers we’re investigating and showing what their experiences are.

Why did you choose Credit2B?
This platform is a one-stop shop for all of our credit needs. We are able to connect with other creditors that have common customers, obtain powerful bureau data, request expert analysts to review accounts and make a credit decision based solely on what the company provides us.

What makes Credit2B Unique?
The company makes me feel like I am their Number 1 priority at any time of the day or week. I have requested an analyst review and expected to hear back from them by the end of the week. Instead, one of their credit analysts reached out to me (and I might add that the analyst reached out directly, which no one else does) within a few hours of my request for some follow up question, and I got the report in less than 24 hours.