Dual Electronics

“There are old standards that and some of us become creatures of habit with them. I like to kick the tires and see what new systems can and can’t do. I’ve done that with Credit2B, and I couldn’t be more pleased.”

Paul Setteducati
Credit Manager, Dual Electronics Corp

Paul was looking for something different that could improve his overall experience in the credit field.

How does Credit2B help your team?
They give us exactly what we want in a personalized package. I don’t need pages of fluff or all sorts of recaps on how many different ways we can slice and dice the information. I want the information complete, concise and as well reported as it can be, and Credit2B consistently delivers exactly what we are looking for.

What makes Credit2B Unique?
When I first started with Credit2B, I was worried about how well the system would work with small customers where there isn’t a lot of information. We weren’t worried about the large companies because anyone can give us information on those – it’s the moment you get away from those bigger companies and are able to see what information is available on the smaller companies that defines the value of the system. I was fairly sure that I would be able to trip these guys up, but I was wrong.