New Balance

“We had another company for years as our main information source, but our contract was running out and we wanted to try something different. So we went to Credit2B. I like the look and the feel, the ease of use, and I like the clarity of reports.”

Keith Reitman
Senior Credit Analyst, New Balance

Keith was looking to try something new in the credit sector. He came on board with Credit2B in July 2013.

How does Credit2B help you and your team?

As soon as a credit application comes in, the first thing we do is run a Credit2B Credit report. Some reports have more information than others, but that’s just the nature of credit reports in general. Even when there is less information, Credit2B has specifics that our former provider simply didn’t. If I need an account reviewed, I just click it and they update it and provide us with an analyst reviewed report.

What makes Credit2B Unique?

This system is unparalleled in our industry. The community allows me to connect with multiple networks and individuals with shared customers that I either had no idea did business with these companies or I had no way of connecting with before joining Credit2B. By growing our connections we get our information quicker and it is of higher quality because it is from other users who are directly doing business with the customer in question. The reports include trade information we get in a limited way from in-person industry meetings, but with Credit2B we can get it anytime, right on the screen, on a massive scale.”