“We are able to make credit decisions with confidence due to the dependable and timely customer assessment information we receive from Credit2B. We appreciate the organized way we are able to connect with other creditors to share/obtain information on common customers.”

Deborah McGhee
Director of Credit, Revlon

I appreciate the fact that our Credit2B analyst understands our business needs and is available to provide insight in a short turnaround time.

Why did you choose Credit2B?
The website is a wealth of information and in many cases allows us to make informed decisions without the need to contact references or perform additional analysis. When we do need to contact our analyst, we can be assured the information provided is accurate and timely.

What do you find unique about Credit2B?
Excellent service is standard with Credit2B. They provide information quickly and are always available to answer any questions I have. In today’s world of press 1 and continue to hold, it is refreshing to know I can speak to my analyst anytime I need to.