Credit2B Goal: Make Credit Reporting Services Obsolete

(article appeared in Credit Today)

Over the years, there have been two distinct ways credit execs gather information: from credit reporting services and from credit groups. Though there are common elements to each (trade data being the most significant) both are unique in what they do, and so typically, most credit execs have always used both. In recent years, due in part to technology advances and increased competition, there has been something of a blurring of the lines between the two.

For example, credit groups have been busy adding outside data like crazy to enhance the value of what they offer. And credit reporting services have been working feverishly to expand and enhance their trade data, but we’ve nonetheless felt they both were truly different animals.

Until now. When we took a look at this new service, we saw for the first time a system combining the best of both credit groups and credit reporting, along with a strong “social-network” component for something that just might be an industry game-changer.

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