Our Client Pledge to Invest in 10 Major Trends

As you embark on plans and change for 2017, we would like to share Credit2B’s vision of the major technology and credit data trends impacting our industry.  We pledge to continue to stay ahead of these and are already investing significantly in all of these areas today.

1.  Commercial credit score algorithms will use “machine learning” technology to integrate real-time data trends and human decisioning (and even get ridiculously close to how individual departments make decisions)

2. Commercial credit insights will draw from data open source and community data, forcing enterprises to seamlessly bring together business information from disparate sources

3. Interactions between trade suppliers and their business customers will move from static to dynamic through collaborative credit application portals, enhancing speed and accessibility to highly valuable information

4. Global trade interchange networks between supplier peers becomes more automated and seamless through a virtual system, fast improving the overall process for getting references on common customers

5. Customer risk analytics platforms will enable mass customization for every user based on portfolios they manage individually

6. Organizations will use their own accounts receivable payment information combined with those of trade suppliers in their industry to set highly effective cash flow benchmarks for their balance sheets

7. Large ERP and their traditional bolt-on software partner systems will continue to be challenged by flexibility and low-cost execution as secure and highly scalable cloud based systems with configurable software AND pre-integrated credit databases will become a better alternative

8. Enterprises will seek global commercial credit platforms that seamlessly integrate customer information, other supplier experiences and public filings across borders in real time, adapting to local standards, language and currency differences

9. Sales and credit departments will engage collaboratively using common and connected platforms that seamlessly exchange information

10. Users will expect their information to follow them and be available seamlessly on mobile apps making remote work easier

We believe these forces will change forever how you will access business credit intelligence.  Share your views by taking this 30 second survey or simply email us at info@credit2b.com.