Alerts & Monitoring


Best-In-Class Portfolio Alerts, Monitoring, Consolidation, and Benchmarking – all available real-time through Credit2B.

Portfolio Alerts:

Credit2B provides actionable alerts online and by email. Critical information specific to your customers. Peer alerts, scores, trade, public filings, analysts. Set by user. Portfolio specific.

Portfolio Dashboard:

Credit2B offers a management dashboard to view essential credit intelligence for every account in your portfolio. This includes mission-critical alerts on each account monitored. You can also store account-level notes, documents, and financials viewable confidentially only by you and your team. You can customize your portfolio views and create watchlists. Manage multiple portfolios and roll them up to a master. Add and delete elements in the portfolio view. Set up alerts when exposures go beyond acceptable parameters. Download data to Excel if you want to do custom analysis. Click to merge companies – just some of our sample features.

Portfolio Benchmarking:

Credit2B provides benchmark metrics that enables you to assess the health of your accounts and entire portfolio against your peers and the global Credit2B community. This includes payment metrics like Payment Quality Index (“PQI”), Days Slow, Highest Credit, and Average High Credit. Credit2B’s cash flow benchmarks estimates cash impact of collecting cash faster or slower than your peers!

Portfolio Consolidation:

Do you know your organization’s aggregate risk on a single customer across divisions? Maybe, but reporting on multiple subsidiaries can require complex and expensive software and unnecessary manpower. No more!

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