Credit Reports

Delivering Business Profiles from 225 countries across the globe on 250 million businesses in one platform.

Credit2B delivers a remarkable experience for credit managers with a streamlined Business Credit reporting platform that features Credit2B Profiles™, business credit reports with advanced features that are unique when compared to a typical credit report.  In one seamless experience, we included all the information you need, plus features not available elsewhere such as automated global reference checking, global standard credit ratings and comprehensive in-country public filings.

Every Credit2B business Profile includes a complete credit report with analytics, predictive payment and financial risk scoring, credit exposures, trade payments, and industry payment benchmarks, all derived from a network of trade creditors who contribute their trade and share payment experiences on the Credit network. Our reports include  company history, financials, bankruptcy, liens, judgements, and other critical information you need to make fast and effective credit decisions.

Industry Credit and Payment Metrics

Some elements of our comprehensive profiles:

Essential Information:

All of the critical information you need to make a credit decision – scores, credit and filings alerts, and financials as well as knowing who the current trade creditors are to that business through a network of trusted peers on the platform with whom you create connections.

Company Information:

Everything you pick up from a credit bureau or third party data provider to include company description, tickers, registration status, key executives, parent-subsidiary information, web site information and more.

Real Trade:

We say “real” because it represents experiences from trade creditors in your industry with whom you create connections, not trade lines that mean little to you or may be stale.  You can click to connect with these trade references for more information or get questions answered instantly.  You will know how each customer is paying you compared to the rest of the industry, an unparalleled benchmarking of your customer credit exposures and payments. You can send and receive alerts and inquiries to and from your connections, well as to our industry analysts.

REAL People:

Just like other credit bureaus, we have real data; unlike other bureaus, we also have real people – our expert industry analysts that are available for second opinions, or to take a closer look at an account for you through a click of a button on the report.  You can even track how we handle your request.  Live and interactive are key principles for us.

Predictive Machine-learned Scores:

Flexible, easy to configure and on demand.  We give you a payment index, financial risk scores based on highly predictive machine learning models and system calculated maximum credit lines. We made it really simple to configure that we can set you up in a day!  Learn more about our scores.


The Credit2B system analyzes financials so you can forget the time-consuming data entry and spreadsheet work.  Credit2B gives you all the ratios, trending, and metrics you need to make a decision. You can also download the data into Excel if you want to do some custom analysis.

Public Company Financials – Financial data analysis for global, publicly listed companies is automatic, including year on year comparisons, and important metrics and ratios.

Private Company Financials – Confidential private company financials can be entered or uploaded, or email the documents to us for data entry at a nominal cost.  Alternatively, through push of a button you can request your customer to input or send them under confidentiality through our customer onboarding solution.

Public Filings

We deliver detailed public filings from every major jurisdiction in the world.  Whether it be bankruptcies or other active business indicators or liens, suits and judgements, we deliver all of this seamlessly.

Ditch the Paper

You can forget paper files and filing cabinets. Whether it be our business credit report, histories, guaranty and forms lien documents, financials, online credit applications, tax certificates or any important correspondence, you can easily upload, have your customer deliver it through complete automation and manage your digital credit file, secure and accessible in one place.

Credit2B – more than a credit report. Click  to compare features.

International Credit Profiles:

Credit2B’s partnerships with the best-of-breed credit bureaus in all global markets to deliver standardized international business profiles through the Credit2B platform, both as instant reports as well as “investigated” reports where needed. Reports are available on 250 million businesses in 225 countries with the ability to view trade payments from other suppliers on the Credit2B platform with whom you share customers.  All of this is available through your single Credit2B contract and one platform, fully automated.

Reports Include:

  • Firmographics, registration and tax information and operations
    •  Employee size, sales volume and beneficial owners
  • Directors and principals, share capital structure
  • Payment Experience
  • Financials for privates and public companies in each market in local currency and supported by a currency converter feature
    • Turnover, profit, export, complete balance sheets, income statements (net sales
      revenue, cost of goods sold and more)
  • Automated global trade reference checking and real-time validation of trade from other suppliers globally
  • Public Records in each local country, including bankruptcies
  • Credit Recommendations and risk ratings standardized across all countries
  • Ratings Based on a risk scale from 1-20, standardized globally
  • Public Record Information: Information obtained from public sources, such as UCC filings on record and the Register of Country Court Judgements.


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