Private Company Financials

Credit2B’s new premium feature, Private Company Financials, solves the work of obtaining, analyzing, and using private financials, saving you over 80% of the time and work involved, and assuring a higher level of compliance.

  • Automates acquisition of private company financials
  • Incorporates the information into custom Credit2B Credit Profile Reports
  • Uses the data for your financial metrics, trends and tracking
  • Uses the data in custom credit scoring results
  • Maintains a confidential digital file for financials

Credit managers know the importance of using private company financials in the credit risk decision, but frequently go without because this information is so difficult and time consuming to get, and often stale by the time received. Then, “spreading” and analyzing the financials requires skill and the time most do not have in today’s fast-paced environment.

Private Company Financials is an advanced proprietary system employing advanced process automation, which is achieving capture rates of higher than 50% almost immediately, with much higher percentages with subsequent follow through. How do we accomplish this?  We make it easy for the customer, and follow-up is without fail.

Private Company Financials makes it easy for your customers to comply, and to securely upload and update their financials, which we digitize and store for you. The system will encourage customers to keep financials (plus any other documents you need stored and signed) up-to-date for you on the schedule you need. They can manually input, upload, or even email the information for your private Credit2B Credit File. As an option, we’ll even data-enter and spread the financials for you.

Credit Score Updates – Your Credit2B credit scores will be updated using Credit2B Private Company Financials, and the financials will also be embedded and part of your online Credit2B Profiles reporting package.  You really need a risk score with more predictors and tuned for private enterprises.  Once you build these period-to-period, we not only retain them safely but also trend them over time for alerts to changes in scores and ratios.