Analysts on Demand

Our only give-back to the old days is that, unlike all other major credit bureaus, we  have real-life analysts to support our clients. Our industry credit analysts monitor the ratings of the customers on our “watch lists”, and are available for discussions and to provide a second opinion or more insight on a risky customer.

We help to bolster your staff by providing research, information and analysis on demand.  We offer coverage on  accounts in every industry in the US and Canada through our analysts and unique data sources and partner with bureaus outside of North America to provide global coverage of written reports using their local analysts:

  • On-demand advice
  • Credit Opinions
  • Ratings Reviews
  • Insights through direct interactions with debtors and their finance leaders

Our analysts have deep trade credit experience and, using our analytic technology, proprietary data, financials, lender experiences, trade references, and big data sources, we can offer unique insights into the credit risk and expected payment days of your accounts.

Request information, updates or clarification from our analysts by using request buttons available in our reports.

We’ll be back to you within 24 hours!

Have a bigger need?  Take a look at our full or partial analyst services.

We offer optional analyst services you can use on a long-term or as-needed basis.

Credit Opinions on Portfolios of Accounts: You may have tiers of accounts that you can’t review regularly due to time or staffing. For example, the smaller customers that make up 80% of the number of accounts but have lower exposures. Or, the big risk accounts where you need the comfort of an outside opinion or deep financial analysis. CCL Investigated Reports: For monitoring strategic customers, suppliers, or other companies of interest. It includes comprehensive research on industry, financials and operations, trade payments trends, industry sentiment, and direct access to our senior credit analysts.

Discussion Accounts:  Need to fill in the blanks on some of your larger exposure or Watch List accounts?  Schedule regular discussions with our Senior Analysts at an interval required by you.  Get up to the minute information including industry, financials, trade payment trends and industry sentiment.

Credit Out-tasking. For companies that do not have a professional credit department, we can provide this dedicated managed service, with our best in class collaborative platform that speeds decisions starting with the new customer credit application, and always keeps you in the loop.