Credit2B Analytics

In a single, simple platform, Credit2B offers a robust set of analytics tools to transform complex and large data into actionable insights. Make decisions faster with live data, not stale numbers, and discover ways to get actionable information from your credit and accounts receivable records.

Customer credit risk includes outright default and the universal risk of failure to pay in the expected time. The credit manager’s job is to manage risk and collection activity effectively to meet the corporation’s policies, risk parameters and cash needs. Credit2B Analytics can enable this.

Credit2B Scoring includes scores customized to your company’s policies and risk tolerances.

Credit2B Benchmarking includes the ability to compare credit risk and collection performance down to the customer level against industry peers. You can create quantitative scenarios to stress test your portfolio, as well as making real-time operational decisions with estimates of credit worthiness, and identify weakening trends at the customer, industry or macro level.

Credit2B Analytics for Working Capital, Accounts Receivable and Credit Management enables a company to gain actionable insight into customer and portfolio risk, payment days risk, and working capital performance. It enables action-taking based on predictive analysis of current data.


  1. Customer risk
  2. Corporate rollup risk
  3. Portfolio concentration risk
  4. Industry trends
  5. Cash flow gap analysis
  6. Operational collection strategies
  7. Working Capital improvement benchmarking

Credit2B’s integrated platform eliminates the issues that prevent companies in making effective use analytic data, which include silos and absence of data integration, complex or outdated systems, and lacking the special skills needed for many systems.

Set up is rapid, handled by our analytics team.

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