Enterprise Data

Data Services

Credit2B’s sophisticated matching algorithm and data loading process allow our clients to consolidate data across multiple business units and provide companies with unified up-to-date view of their customer risk.  This process is highly valuable for larger enterprises with disparate systems across businesses and geographies, as well as for companies during transitional process after acquisitions.

Web Services

Bring Credit2B’s industry-leading data into your own databases and custom applications via Web Services real time.

Offline Batch Processing

Credit2B also delivers high volume batch processing with the ability for us to accept a file in various formats, match our client’s account and return it to our clients with additional data elements appended to the file, in a fully automated system-to-system setting.  For larger enterprises with disparate systems across businesses and geographies this is a high-volume automation of your needs.  Included in this capability is our ability to provide a roll-up of risk across your business portfolio.


Our predictive custom scoring solutions will process and consolidate data from various sources: your data, third party data as well as our Credit2B data, and convert them to uniform risk score. Confidence level is assigned to each score based on information availability and age.

Credit Groups

Industry associations or credit groups seeking hosted services can rapidly establish a presence within the Credit2B community.  We custom configure the interfaces to ensure that your group or association members are experiencing the value of the platform reinforced under your unique brand.

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