Trade Credit Networks

We know that the most timely and relevant trade information about the credit risk of a customer resides in the experience of other trade suppliers.

Credit managers have traditionally relied upon their “community” of industry contacts for reference validation. This may include members of an industry credit group. Join a virtual industry group at Credit2B, and if you want include the data from your existing credit group for an even richer experience. In either case, you have the access to the quality data and credit experience of many companies dealing with common customers, even globally. With our virtual groups, you suddenly have the ability to connect with any other creditors, anywhere, without the restrictions of geography and travel budgets.

Credit2B supercharges this simple idea by automating and exponentially extending this intelligence network, so you obtain your credit information from an expanded list of resources you trust when you need it. Along with in-depth real-time receivables data, payment experience and credit exposure trends, you have the ability to connect with your peers, for instant references, alerts and insights. Our benchmarking tools enable you to see how you are doing compared to other like companies, and determine how much cash flow and DSO you are leaving “on the table” by, for example, adjusting your collection policies.

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