Credit Policy: Recognizing Credit Risk

December 15, 2015 | 52 Minutes

“Dust off the Credit Policy because the auditors are here” is a statement too often uttered in many organizations. In this webinar we will discuss the importance of credit policy to avoid organizational conflict and mitigate risk. We will also consider and address these questions: How to quantify identified risk using financial statements, credit reports and other intelligence; credit enhancement guidelines in credit policy; customer profitability in credit decisions; internal credit ratings, bad debt reserves, asset classifications and write-offs; delegation of authority; and bad debt loss accountability.

About the speaker:
Gerald Sahd has 25 years of experience in the credit industry in areas such as consumer collection, Commercial Lending, Institutional Banking, Private Banking, Commercial Real Estate, Trade Credit and Captive Financing. A graduate of the University of New Mexico in finance and economics, he also earned a Commercial Banking Certificate in 1993 from the Western States School of Banking. He also completed several advance commercial lending courses at BofA’s Training Center in San Francisco, California. Some of the positions Gerald has held include Vice President of Commercial Banking at BofA, Director of Franchise Financial Services at Medicine Shoppe, Int. and Credit Administration Officer at Cardinal Health. Currently he serves as Manager of Global Credit at Novus International where he oversees credit operations in Brussels Belgium; Indiatuba, Brazil, Shanghai, China; Chennai, India. Gerald serves as Educational Chair for Forius Agri-Credit Business Group.