DOJ New Policy: Accountability for Wrongdoing

May 24, 2016 | 93 Minutes

Mr. Monica brings to bear both his knowledge of the antitrust law and
his many years of experience as a litigator and antitrust legal advisor
for several trade associations and other businesses. Anyone who has an
interest in the law and who is exposed to its application on a daily
basis in the business world should find the presentation interesting and
helpful. Mr. Monica begins with an overview of the applicable antitrust
law in a criminal prosecution setting, followed by a practical
application of the law to everyday business activities. This is to
acquaint the listener with the basic law and the type of business
activity that violates it. The following types of activity will be
discussed: Conspiracy price fixing, boycotts market and customer
allocation, bid rigging, exchange of sensitive business information and
data among competitors.