Financing Export Sales

December 9, 2015 | 1 hour, 16 Minutes

Join Walter (Buddy) Baker, Vice President and head of Global Trade Solutions Delivery for Fifth Third Bank, and learn how to better negotiate and structure commercial sales into foreign markets in order to simultaneously increase sales, limit risks, and improve cash flow and balance sheet ratios.

Examine tools that enable otherwise intolerable transactions by limiting payment and performance risks and tapping funding sources that are specifically designed for export sales.

This session explains the motives of the seller, the foreign buyer, and the seller’s bank and then compares structures in order that attendees can craft an appropriate structure for each transaction they encounter.

– Differentiate among various trade-facilitating and credit-enhancing tools (e.g. commercial & standby letters of credit, factoring, forfaiting, credit insurance)
– Understand how Treasury/Credit can be an integral partner and resource to Sales and Marketing
– Learn what products and services to look for from the bank that finances your domestic and international sales and how to choose the right bank for your company
– Use tools that simultaneously provide foreign customers with more competitive payment terms while improving cash flow to the company and reducing risks
– Minimize payment risks in emerging and developing markets