What a Credit Professional Should Know About Contracts

January 18, 2017 | 60 Minutes

This webinar will provide an overview of contract law, including the Uniform Commercial Code, and discuss the rights and remedies under state contract law for creditors, and state contract law’s relationship to federal law, including but not limited to the United States Federal Bankruptcy Code.

Topics to be covered include the formation of sales and lease contracts (including the validity of electronic and digital signatures and contracts), title and risk of loss, performance and breach of sales and lease contracts, and warranties.  The webinar will also discuss essential contract terms and the rationale for including them in your contracts.  Remedies for a breach by a debtor, both inside and outside of bankruptcy, will be discussed.  Credit professionals will be provided alternatives to address and identify a breach by a customer before it happens outside of bankruptcy and what to expect for your contract once a business partner or contract party files for bankruptcy.